Gmail has now made available a wide variety of themes (more than 500 as far as I could count) for its users. Unlike their orkut counterparts these themes dont fill in your window but just give an ambience. The one that caught my attention was Phantasea designed by Mathew Paul. Its a dynamic theme – it changes its colours according to your place and time (takes one of three colours). Those who lose track of time in the internet now have a free wake up call. The one with predominantly blue shade looks very nice. Somehow my iGoogle page and Gmail are showing different shades of the theme though I have set the same time-zones for both ! Some varieties of this theme have been displayed in Mathew Pauls page.

I checked out some more themes. There are themes on Newyork, London, Paris and many other cities. Filmy themes are in general diasappointing. There is one for Tom cruise, Asin (!), Surya-Jo, Abhi-Ash, Katrina Kaif Amir Khan … The Rajnikanth theme could have had its music also to give a real feel for the fans of the superstar! The chroma Velveteen red featurse a nice shade of red. Nature lovers would like the monument valley, misty morning and natural details ; secret garden is really good. No theme on Sachin; There is one on the 64-cross-64 chess board which has been a source of inspiration as much for designers as for brainiacs.

Meanwhile if you are an artist for yourself you can create themes of your own and make it available for others.