The centenary celebrations of the Indian Institute of Science concluded this week. The centenary year saw many events- the centenary conference attended by Kalam, Dr Sam Pitroda’s speech, the centenary marathon run and a concluding ceremony precided over by the President Smt Prathibha Patil. To mark the end of the celebrations there was a violin concert by Shree Ganesh and Kumaresh. What should I say about the concert! Before the concert one of my friends asked me about the artists to which I replied, “Attend the whole concert. Your will remember your life as before the concert and after.”

The concert was in a big special Pandal made at the Gymkhana grounds. For once there was no issue of no-seats-to-late-comers in IISc :). The acoustics was good. Accompanying the violinists were Phalgun and Krishnan on Mrudangam and Ghatam. They started with a short piece in Sahaana. It set the mood for the moment. It was followed by Mayamaalavagowla – their own composition called Ragapravaha – and then a Varnam in Kannada. Then they played Reethigowla, one of my favourite raagas. Later they played one more of their composition, in Naasika Bhooshani, followed by a sudden spurt of Kadhanakuthoohala. What then started as an RTP in Naatabhairavi later turned to a wonderful Raagamaalika. And then the percussion duet. At the time of vote of thanks the speaker did not resort to any cliches and the whole audience gave a standing ovation to the artists.

Ganesh and Kumaresh performed in my native place when I was ten. After that, I had to wait for another 11 years to listen to their next concert. They have been my favourites. Though I expected them to play some of their fusion compositions, they completely enthralled the audience just with carnatic classical.

Let there be more centenary celebrations. Why can’t time run faster !