I am Krishnakumar, currently doing my PhD at IISc under the guidance of Dr Rajesh Sundaresan. I did my schooling in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, Btech in NIT Calicut and masters in IISc. Interested in the intersection of mathematics, philosophy and fun !

A word on the title. Every human being has a destination. The subsequent birth-death cycles take him closer to the destination. Tomorrow may be uncertain but that our journeys will converge is certain. We are all just terms in a converging cauchy sequence, may be the terms in different cauchy sequences that converge to the same point. Once two sequences meet, they  get entangled and their trajectories become almost one. That convergence has been so beautifully master-minded is what makes me humble.


One Response to “Krishnakumar”

  1. Arun Prakash Says:

    In order to converge we reduce our oscillation (of mind) as we progress through our mind..otherwise it is no longer cauchy….

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